26 years old Nevada resident of 6 years, born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Listed below is my article in ESPN when I famously turned $5 into $57,000.

Check out the story here – 
The Bears’ crucial late defensive stand
preserved a 27-19 victory over the Jets
Monday night and made one Arizona
bettor $57,935 richer. Elsa/Getty Images


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Legal Disclaimer * Created in 2016 as a start up for Nevada Group wagering aka entity wagering/ hedge fund wagering John Uranga birthed NVSG702 with the intention of creating a business platform that was similar to the stock market but had hire dividend payouts. JOHN URANGA was the sole owner of the company and the brains behind it, however he decided to share his dream and vision with the world with that being said anyone who chooses to invest does so knowingly and willing accepting any losses of NVSG702 as unto there owns. Anyone who invest into NVSG702 and requests more then a 50% payout before the 4th QT of there initial investment is subject to account slot forfeiture in future Quarters, penalization and taxes up to 90% of initial investment. Anyone who request a full 100% dividend payout within 4 quarters of joining will be subject too a 75% penalization and can never rejoin nore anyone in the immediate family of said indivual. Anyone who requests 20-49% dividend payout within 4 Quarters of joining will be subject to a 65% penalization. Anyone who requests 10-19% within 4 Quarters will be subject to 55% penalization. Anyone who requests 10% or less within the 4 Quarters of joining will be subject to a 35% penalization. After 4 full Quarters of invested funds account holders may pull whatever amount or percentage of funds without penalization. Under no circumstances is Mr Uranga expected to payout dividends on behalf of NVSG702 before 4 full Quarters or 400 days of account holders initial investment whichever comes last. In special circumstances Mr uranga has the ability to lower penzation fees. Mr Uranga and NVSG702 are not liable for any lost funds due to account investors personal losses or does Mr Uranga/ NVSG702 encourage haccount investors to wager or gamble on anything. Mr Uranga and NVSG702 have no obligation to recover lost funds by account investors if wagers made by NVSG702 are lost. Mr Uranga/NVSG702 does not operate a gambling site or business. This is a start up entity fund and consulting firm and Mr Uranga/NVSG702 is not required to officially give out dividends until full start up amount of 10,000,00 / TEN MILLION USD IS RAISED. Any pictures or stats posted are purely fictitious and examples of the sports wagering industry this site and all others including social media platforms, picture messages, texts and emails owned and operated by NVSG702 are strictly for information and preparation of what is to come and the format NVSG702 wish to operates on and have set in place. Thank you all for your belief in NVSG702 God bless have a great day.